Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Greatest Hinderence to the Conservative Movement: The Republican Party

Apparently millions continue to harbor the strange delusion that the Republican party is the party of free enterprise, and, at least since the New Deal, the party of conservatism. In fact, the party is and always has been the party of state capitalism. That, along with the powers and perks it provides its leaders, is the whole reason for its creation and continued existence. By state capitalism I mean a regime of highly concentrated private ownership, subsidized and protected by government. The Republican party has never, ever opposed any government interference in the free market or any government expenditure except those that might favour labour unions or threaten Big Business. Consider that for a long time it was the party of high tariffs — when high tariffs benefited Northern big capital and oppressed the South and most of the population. Now it is the party of so-called “free trade” — because that is the policy that benefits Northern big capital, whatever it might cost the rest of us. In succession, Republicans presented opposite policies idealistically as good for America, while carefully avoiding discussion of exactly who it was good for. (Clyde Wilson)

It is not the blatant leftist Democratic Party that is the hinderance to progress for conservative ideals – it is the Republican party, with all of its bluster about free markets and small government, that is pulling the proverbial wool over the sheep’s eyes. You must understand that the GOP never was, and is not today, the party of individual freedoms or state’s rights. That doesn’t mean that the Donkey Party IS – but what it indicates is that the two parties are two heads of the same body, fighting over control, to see who will dictate the future to the masses.

The best thing that can happen for conservative is to: 1) understand the relationship between war-making and tyranny; 2) understand that neither party has the interest of the common man or the small business man in mind; 3) neither party believes in individual rights; 4) neither party believes that rights are granted by God, or even nature; 5) the only hope for freedom is the break up of the two party system, or else the American Union itself will break up.

For a primer, Clyde Wilson gives us an accurate history of the founding of the Party of Lincoln:

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