Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ObamaCare: My Prediction


1.  Obamacare will not be repealed, no matter who wins the election.  If Romney is elected, he will push for and get a bill introduced in Congress which he knows will not pass, leading to more drum-beating for more Republicans to be elected to Congress, which will not make a difference anyway.

2.  Regardless of who gets elected as President, sometime between the first Tuesday in November and the Presidential Inaugural, a bill will be introduced in congress proposing to require all sales of new vehicles be restricted to hybrid or fully electric vehicles.  The bill will be extremely leftist, and will have no chance of passage.

3.  The bill will be tamed down to trim off its more extreme elements, and will be re-introduced four years later and will pass with strategic Republican support, and will be signed into law by either Obama or Romney, who will justify it as “good for the country”.

4.  Conservatives will be furious, but will re-elect the deceiver Romney anyway, because he will still be “the lesser of two evils”.  If Romney is not the President, they will be furious but will nominate another liberal like, say, Jeb Bush, and will vote for him.  They will do this because they are sheep.

The only way to prevent these events and events like them, is 1) conservatives must return to their classical roots, shaking off the neo-conservative addiction to war money and big government power; 2) change ballot access laws to end the republicrat one-party monopoly so that we the people can vote for someone that actually represents our views, and not be expected to vote for a lesser evil, which by definition is evil.

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